About UHTI


Healthcare Training Albuquerque

Universal Healthcare Training Institute (UHTI) is an indigenous institution of higher education owned and operated in Albuquerque. We wish to offer the students of Albuquerque and surrounding communities an education in the healthcare field. UHTI has been approved by the Division of Private Post-Secondary Schools of the New Mexico Higher Education Department to teach the classes of:

  1. EKG Technician
  2. Phlebotomy Technician
  3. Patient Care Technician

Our Mission

The mission of UHTI is to provide entry level healthcare training education to students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The training programs are committed to provide competent entry level health providers to meet the growing healthcare needs of this culturally diverse and dynamic community- the communities Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Torrance, Valencia and of the greater State of New Mexico.


  1. Provide an environment that will enhance and stimulate learning for students
  2. Equip classrooms and laboratories with current and sufficient equipment, materials and learning tools
  3. Hire and retain qualified and experienced faculty
  4. Provide opportunity for all and
  5. Ensure that the graduates of UHTI are competent and qualified graduates to work in hospitals, nursing homes, wellness centers, government and private clinics, psychiatric facilities, doctors’ offices, college clinics and in other healthcare facilities in the community and in the State of New Mexico in general.

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